An Awareness program on “Rabies and its impact to the human body” in the schools of Dhanusa district



Time: 9.00 AM
Location: Dhanusadham Municipality, Dhanusha District,

An Awareness program on “Rabies and its impact to human body” in Dhanusha Dham Municipality, Province No. 2, Nepal was conducted.

Dr. Manish Man Shrestha from Rabies section, National Vaccine Production Lab (NVPL) was the instructor of this awareness program.

This awareness program was started early in the morning from 9 am to 6 pm in the evening. It was a seven day program from 5th April to 12th April, 2021.

Student listening carefully

Our project team

Student attending the program

The project was held in ward no 6, 7,8, and 9 of Dhanusha Dham Municipality, Province No- 2, Nepal. This Province is very backward in terms of literacy. Even children and local people lack of knowledge about the Rabies and its impact.

Total 12 schools were covered and 6567 student from class 2 to 12 attended this awareness program. The names of the schools and number of students attended are as below.

Name of the School                                                                                                                                       Attendance  

  1. Sarashwati School, Kesharkuti                                                                                                                            184
  2. Vision Academy, Mulabari                                                                                                                                   400
  3. Budha Janchetana National Boarding school, Dara tole                                                                                183
  4. Super Sense English Boarding school, Dharapani                                                                                          1500
  5. Sunrise Boarding English School, Kisanpur                                                                                                     500
  6. Golden future Boarding School, Kisanpur                                                                                                         200
  7. Creative English School, Viman                                                                                                                            350
  8. Merygold English School, Kisanpur                                                                                                                     400
  9. Shree Secondary school, Haripur                                                                                                                         350
  10. Shree Secondary technical school, Dharapani                                                                                                  1500
  11. Budha Pathsala English School, Dharapani                                                                                                       200
  12. Shree Bhanu Secondary English School, Kisanpur                                                                                          800

Prior approval was taken from Dhanusha Dham Municipality office to run the project. According to the prevailing law of Nepal an NGO must obtain a prior approval from the concerned government entity to operate any types of project under their jurisdiction. There were 26 schools under Dhanusha Dham Municipality and only 12 schools were managed due to budget constraint This project was a huge success. We received lots of applause and appreciation from school teachers and students. Because no any other NGO had conducted this kind of program before. They have insisted to do more projects in this area. The feedback from the students from class 11 and 12 was ” Though we had only heard about rabies but after today’s  awareness program we got a depth knowledge about it and now we came to know what to do or what not to do with dogs and other animals ”

The Headmaster and other teachers were very happy to seeing us there for this type of program. Their reaction and feedback were “We had little knowledge about the rabies but today’s awareness program made us fully confident about this disease. And more areas should be covered for the project. A long term project on Rabies should be implemented throughout Province no 2 where lots of people along school children lack about this disease”.

Community people have also insisted us to do this program in the main chwok of their areas. We have promised them to come back again.

2000 pcs of Leaflet about Rabies were distributed in Janaki Temple area, – a prominent pilgrimage for Hindu Devotees, Dhanusadham Temple area- this is also a prominent pilgrimage area of Nepal, Mulabari area, Haripur area and all the 12 schools.

In a nutshell, the project was very successful and fruitful. We would like to thank all of them who have helped this program.

We need continues support for this program in coming days.