1.How animals come to us ?

Answer: Where do animals come from? This is the question everyone needs to ask.

Most dogs and other stray animals are left to die on street by their own owners.

When they feel that their utilization is finished they dump their pet on the road to die.

  1. Can I adopt a dog or a cat?

Answer: Yes, you can come to our shelter to adopt

  1. How can I help you?

Answer: The organization is solely dependent on generous support and donation. So you can donate kind or cash to the needy animals

  1. Can I offer my volunteer ship with the organization?

Answer: Yes, you can volunteer with us as long as you want

  1. Can I offer materials to the animal?

Answer: Yes, you can. Please contact our office

  1. How can I help you?


There are two ways to help us. One your spare time in volunteering with us and secondly your small contribution towards funding. Every single penny from you goes to the welfare of animals.