Please click here to help us feed our starving street dogs during covid-19

Voice of Animal-Nepal is urgently raising funds to feed the street dogs of Kathmandu. They have no one to care for them and are homeless.  During the lock down period the  hotel and restaurant staff have been unable to feed them left over scraps of food.  This is how the street canines are usually  sustained.

Street dogs being fed in Kaushaltar area of Bhaktapur

Twenty five pounds will feed a puppy for five weeks.  Ten pounds will help to feed an elderly or infirm dog for ten days.  Five will feed two  adult dogs for just over a week.

Our charity also aims to neuter and spay the unwanted dogs and ultimately  to find suitable homes for them. We also need to continue to  vaccinate them against the rabies virus. 

Street dogs are being fed at Red Cross Building of Bhaktapur district

They are loving friendly individuals who have been abandoned by their  owners. It would mean so much to the dogs to have regular nutritious meals, human companionship and protection.  Please help our dogs from going hungry. Your donation could make the difference between life and death for  them. Our Current minimum donation is 5 GBP